R.M.S Rumblestripping™

Why The Solution you need is the installation of grooved R.M.S Rumblestrippings™

The installation of Rumblestrippings will contribute to decrease the unacceptable high number of accidents on our roads, to the benefit of the travelling public as well as to the budgets of Road Authorities.

The rate and severity of head-on collisions and accidents involving vehicles which leave the road altogether have reached disastrous proportions.

Consequently the question is how to warn vehicle drivers in a clearly noticeable way that they are inadvertently drifting outside the intended lane of traffic, enabling them to return to their correct position on the road.

R.M.S. Rumblestrippings™ are grooved patterns constructed in the centre and edge line lane demarcations, as well as in travel lanes and shoulder pavements.

The texture of R.M.S. Rumblestrippings™ is different from the adjacent road surface. Vehicle tyres passing over them produce a sudden rumbling sound and this causes vehicle steering wheels to vibrate.

Vehicle drivers cannot but notice the warning message unmistakably conveyed to them be R.M.S. Rumblestrippings™. R.M.S. Rumblestrippings™ activate the three most important senses of a vehicle driver on the road.



  • Highly cost effective traffic safety system.
  • Durable effective warning system.
  • Improved driver comfort and safety feeling.
  • Surprising multi-effect warning.
  • Minimal interruption of traffic during installation.
  • Immediate traffic use allowed after completion.
  • No use of any environmentally unfriendly materials.
  • Tested and approved for all types of road surfaces.
  • R.M.S. Rumblestrippings™ pre-actively communicate life saving information to vehicle drivers in all motoring, road and weather circumstances.

R.M.S. Rumblestrippings™ will assist motorists especially when they are tired, absent-minded, driving on monotonous or hazardous roads, driving at night or in adverse weather conditions.